Serve HOPE Coffee in Your Home, Office or Church, enjoy an outstanding cup of coffee and help us share the gospel! 

“The team unanimously selected HOPE Coffee in our blind taste test.” 

– Trevor Cook

President, Lenawee Christian Ministries – Michigan.

We know the families HOPE Coffee impacts for the gospel. Our Impact Reports share these stories each year.

We know our coffee farmers.  HOPE Coffee uses 100% Arabica coffee beans that are cupped for quality and classified as specialty grade strictly high grown (SHG) coffee. This coffee comes from Honduras through our partnership with small local coffee farmer associations that help to transform and sustain the lives of local farmers who are involved in or ministered to by the Camino Global – related churches (HOPE Coffee’s parent non-profit) in Honduras.

We know our artisan roasters. Our customers testify of the quality of coffee that our roasters craft for your enjoyment.


Our coffee warehouse 

8625 La Prada Drive, Dallas Texas 75228

8 a.m. - 5 p.m.